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Want to learn how to bake vegan cakes and cookies? Always wanted to make artisanal breads at home but didn’t know how? Want to amaze your kids with delicious, home made pizzas?

Carrots and Veganosaurus present –

**Vegan Kitchen Ninja Series**


Want to learn how to bake vegan cakes and cookies? Always wanted to make artisanal breads at home but didn’t know how? Want to amaze your kids with delicious, home made pizzas? Intrigued about plant-based cheese, butter, curds, mylk (vegan milk is spelled with a “y”)? Want your friends and loved ones to taste your creations and say, “what is this gourmet awesomeness?!”

Come attend our private baking and cooking classes and turn into a Vegan Kitchen Ninja! 🙂


The workshops can be arranged for a cozy group of 1 to 5 people where each person gets individual attention and actively participates in preparing the dishes. The class can be conducted in English, Kannada or Hindi, based on your preference. At the end of the class, you get to taste and enjoy the foods that have been prepared.

All prices listed below are on a per person basis. We also conduct Interactive Cooking and Baking Demonstrations (where the participants learn by watching the dishes being prepared) for groups of 20+ people at specially discounted rates.

So what’re you waiting for? Pick the class(es) you’d like to take from the list below and e-mail us at [email protected] to schedule your session. 🙂

  • Hot Cross Buns and Breads (Rs. 3000) – Whole Wheat or Multi-Grain with Plain, Masala and Stuffed variations
  • Sweet Soulful Breads (Rs.3500) – Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Swirl Bread, Banana Bread, Dry Fruit and Nut Buns
  • Decadent Cakes (Rs. 4000) – Chocolate (with Black Forest variation) and Vanilla (with Orange and Pineapple variations), including Creams, Fillings and Toppings
  • Addictive Cookies and Biscuits (Rs. 3500) – Healthy Millet-Seed-Nut Biscuits, Coconut Biscuits, Indulgent Chocolate Chunk Walnut Cookies, Gingerbread Cookies
  • Baking Mixed Bag (Rs. 3000) – One Cake, One Cookie, One Bread
  • Plant Based Milk, Curd and Butter Better-natives (Rs.3000) – Soy Mylk, Cashew-Sesame Mylk, Almond Mylk, Rice Mylk, Peanut Curds, Buttermylk, Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, Sesame Butter (Tahini), Cashew Butter
  • Gourmet Fermented and Unfermented Cheeses with Nuts and Tofu (Rs. 5000) – making Rejuvelac (starter), Plain Cheese, Herbed Cheese, Garlic Cheese, Boursin Style Cheese, Ricotta Cheese and Parmesan
  • Refreshing Raw Food Meal (Rs. 5500) – Healthy Green Smoothie, Gazpacho, Stuffed Peppers, Raw Zucchini Pasta in Creamy Sauce, Mini Orange Cheesecake, Mylk Shake
  • Pumped-Up Pizzas (Rs. 3000) – three varieties of Pizzas including making the Base from scratch, Sauces and Toppings
  • Wrap and Roll (Rs. 4500) – Loaded Burrito, Hummus and Falafel Wrap, Steamed Cabbage Wrap, Fresh Rice Paper Spring Roll
  • Beyond Penne: Pastas-from-Scratch (Rs. 6000) – Ravioli, Lasagne, Gnocchi, Fettuccine, Cannelloni with a variety of Sauces and Stuffings
  • Sumptuous Soups and Salads (Rs. 3000) – 3 types of Soups and 3 types of Salads
  • Special South Indian Curries and Stews (Rs. 2000) – Avial, Sagu, Peas Ushli, Chickpea Sundal
  • Sweet Soothing Payasas (Rs. 1500) – Moong Dal Payasa, Shavige (Vermicelli) Payasa, Sabakki (Tapioca) Payasa, Gasgase (Poppy Seed) Payasa
  • South Indian Rice Dishes (Rs. 1500) – Puliyogare, Lemon Rice, Pongal, Coconut Rice
  • South Indian Meal (Rs.1500) – Dry Sabji, Gravy Curry, Rice Dish, Sweet (Payasa or Halwa).
  • Healthy Cooking Class (Rs.3500) – Making simple, everyday, Indian dishes using whole foods and absolutely NO refined ingredients like white flour, sugar, jaggery or oil. We will cover a variety of dishes for a complete meal – kosumbari salad, baked snack, two main vegetable dishes (one dry and one gravy), rasam, curd rice (including making curds out of peanuts), dessert, hot or cold cashew-badam mylk.