Job Openings at Carrots

Ethical Jobs with great Social Impact

Ethical Jobs with great Social Impact

Would you like to work at a unique place that cares about all the following – people’s health and happiness, environment, animal rights and employee welfare as well? Do you want to work at a place where your work constantly spreads out positive energy to the society around and makes a difference?

Come, join Carrots Team and “Be The Change” 🙂

Following are the unique job openings that are open at the moment.

Note: These jobs are available as part time opportunities also.

1) Restaurant Manager

Are you a dynamic and all round talent who is eager to manage day to day operations at Carrots? Trust us, its a very demanding and yet highly fulfilling job. Here is your opportunity to become one of the strong pillars of this ethical organization. Your responsibilities may involve following areas and more:

– Service Quality, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
– Infrastructure & Facilities, Repairs & Maintenance
– Day to day finances and accounting
– Supply Chain Management & Store
– Email/Phone communication, Table Reservations, Misc Enquiries
– Home Delivery, Catering
– Compliance of local laws, rules & regulations, and other company related matters
– Human Resource Management

2) ‘Marketing + Customer Experience + Event’ Manager

Most of our customers feel fantastic about the concept that we are trying to take forward. We are looking for people who are keen to provide a ‘WOW’ experience for such incoming customers, to reach out to more customers and attract them to this unique place, and to conceptualize and execute various unique events and create a lively atmosphere.

– Service Quality, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
– Maintaining and Building Customer Database
– Managing Loyalty Program, and other regular schemes
– Creating and Managing marketing campaigns, tracking the results
– Complete Event Management (from conceptualization to execution), plus participation in third party events

3) Kitchen Manager

Are you a food expert who is enthusiastic to build a career in this field? If you also share our passion and principles, this is really the perfect place for you. Our kitchen staff is great and doing a fantastic job inside kitchen, but you can help them to rise further above and become unstoppable. Ultimate goal? Happy & Satisfied Customers filled with tasty & healthy vegan food. Your responsibilities may involve following areas and more:

– Menu, costing and pricing
– Food & Cooking Events
– Kitchen Audits
– Food Photography
– Newsletters/Blog
– Food Marketing

4) “Supply Chain + Store + Quality” Manager

Are you someone who is very dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate to build and manage a fantastic ethical-organic-vegan store? At Carrots we already have a great foundation setup for you and you can join us and help us in transforming this to something bigger and fantastic. Your responsibilities may involve following areas and more:

– Supply Chain Management for the store as well as restaurant kitchen
– Store Marketing
– Store Audits
– Store Items Photography
– Newsletters/Blog

In addition, the job would involve to ensure quality also in various ways – especially in the area of hygiene and health.

5) Server/Steward

At Carrots, server job is unlike what is in other restaurants. Why? Because here we don’t try to give food for stomach alone, we try to give food for thought as well. Here we are in constant lookout for people who are conscious, who are learned in various positive areas, and who can touch customers’ hearts and souls along with serving food. Do you think you are one such person? If yes, please do connect with us immediately.

If you are interested, feel free to shoot an email to [email protected] with your detailed resume, and explaining your desire/intent to work with us and we will get back to you at the earliest 🙂