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  • Our food is completely free of any animal based products
  • GF indicates Gluten Free food (Allergy warning: Made in equipment that process wheat products also)
  • Health Level Indicator: We strive to make our foods not just tasty but healthy also wherever possible. Hope following indicators against each dish makes it easier for you to choose, depending on what you’re in a mood for.
    • H1 = Ultra healthy, delicious offerings
    • H2 = Dishes that are a balance between indulgence and health
    • H3 = Comfort foods
  • Prices inclusive of all taxes


served with whole wheat garlic bread
Lemony Vegetables Soup GF
finely chopped vegetables in a tangy broth
190 H2
Roasted Tomato Soup GF 
flavourful blend of roasted tomatoes and herbs
190 H2
Hot and Sour Soup GF 
tofu and vegetables, simmered in a flavourful sauce
220 H2
Spinach Chickpea Soup GF 
cooked chickpeas in a spinach broccoli puree
220 H1
Almond Broccoli Soup GF
a rich soup of broccoli and spinach puree with almonds
230 H1


Frugie Salad GF
a mix of pineapple, watermelon, tomato and cucumber with a date syrup basil dressing
200 H1
Greek Salad GF
a fresh salad of crunchy vegetables, olives, tofu and sesame seeds tossed in a lemony dressing
220 H1
Chatpata Sprouts Salad GF
super healthy mix of sprouts with tongue tingling spices 
250 H1
Thai Peanut Salad GF
crunchy chinese cabbage, carrots, spring onion, cilantro and toasted peanuts tossed in a sweet date peanut sauce
250 H1
Grilled Vegetables Salad GF
seasoned and grilled aubergines, zucchini and bell peppers tossed with fresh lettucedressing
260 H2
Zesty Chickpea Salad GF
cooked kabuli channa with fresh tomato, onion and coriander in a spicy, lemony, orange zest dressing
260 H1
Crunchy Waldorf Salad
pineapple, mushrooms, fried bread croutons and salad vegetables in a creamy, cashew based dressing
280 H3 


Baked Papdi Chaat
whole wheat, oil free papdis tossed in house made chutneys and fresh vegetables
100 H1
Kurkur Bhindi Chaat GF
chickpea batter fried okra tossed in house made chutneys, fresh vegetables and sev
130 H3


Hot Starter Platter – Falalfel, Aloo Corn Tikki, Croquettes
served with hummus, mint chutney and barbecue sauce
350 H3
French Fries and Ketchup GF
fried gobi, mushroom & babycorn in a spicy, garlic sauce
150 H3
mashed potato, carrots & beans mixture, dipped in bread crumbs and fried, served with barbecue sauce
210 H3
Aloo Corn Tikki
potato and sweet corn mixture, dipped in bread crumbs and fried, served with mint chutney
220 H3
Falafel and Hummus GF
fried chickpea fritters, served with chickpea dip
220 H3
house made garlic bread topped with pesto tossed tomatoes, garlic & basil, served with herbed cashew mayonnaise
220 H2
Rosemary Potato GF
deep fried potatoes tossed in a rosemary garlic seasoning, served with barbecue sauce
220 H3
Chilli Garlic Potato GF
deep fried potatoes in a sweet and spicy sauce
250 H3
Carrots Special Manchurian
fried gobi, mushroom & baby corn in a sweet and spicy sauce
280 H3
Pesto Grilled Tofu GF
tofu, capsicum and onions, grilled in a basil pesto sauce, served with herbed cashew mayonnaise

280 H2
Additional Dip GF
Hummus | Mayonnaise | Herbed Cheeses
BBQ Sauce | Peri Peri Sauce | Mint Chuntney
30 each  
BBQ Veg Sandwich
whole wheat bread slathered with barbecue sauce layered with lettuce, tofu and barbecue grilled zucchini & capsicum, served with barbecue sauceesto Grilled Sandwich
240 H2



served with beetroot salad & dip

BBQ Veg Sandwich
whole wheat bread slathered with barbecue sauce layered with lettuce, tofu and barbecue grilled zucchini & capsicum, served with barbecue sauceesto Grilled Sandwich
240 H2
Pesto Grilled Sandwich
whole wheat bread slathered with herbed cashew mayonnaise, layered with lettuce, tofu and pesto grilled zucchini & capsicum, served with mayonnaise
240 H2



served with french fries & ketchup

Peri Peri Burger
fried patty of potato, carrots & beans between layers of fresh lettuce, crunchy onion, juicy tomato and white buns slathered with a special spicy sauce
300 H3
Potato Desi Burger
fried chatpata potato tikki with fresh lettuce, crunchy onion, juicy tomato and white buns slathered with mint chutney
250 H3


whole wheat wraps served with dip and beetroot salad

Fresh Salad Wrap
a refreshing, healthy wrap bursting with the goodness of fresh vegetables in a creamy sauce, served with mayonnaise
260 H2
Pataka Wrap
a filling wrap of deep fried potato and tofu in a sweet and spicy sauce, served with barbecue sauce          
260 H3
Roasted Veg Wrap
hot wrap filled with flavourful roasted vegetables, served with mayonnaise
280 H2
Peri Peri Wrap
hot wrap of roasted vegetables in a special spicy sauce, served with herbed cheese
280 H2
Falafel Wrap
Lebanese wrap filled with fried chickpea fritters, hummus and fresh salad, served with hummus
280 H3




(whole wheat option available upon asking)

Roasted Tomato Pasta
penne and vegetables in a herbed tomato sauce
320 H2
Aoili Aoili Pasta
penne, tofu and vegetables tossed in herbs and olive oil
350 H2
Garlic Cream Pasta
penne and vegetables in a creamy cashew based white sauce
380 H2
Stroganoff Pasta
penne, mushrooms & vegetables in a house special brown sauce
380 H2


Pizza & Calzone

fresh, handmade, thick crust pizzas made with a whole wheat base

Carroty Calzone
Italian folded pizza, with a flavourful filling of bell peppers, carrot, tomato and herbed cheese sauce
380 H2
Espanol Pizza
Spanish pizza featuring primavera sauce, sweet caramelised onions, tofu, spinach, basil, bell peppers and herbed cheese sauce
380 H2
Tahini Veg Pizza
rich pizza slathered with sesame butter and tangy herbed cheese, topped with bell peppers, olives, mushrooms, spinach and tofu
420 H2
Additional Charge for Gluten Free Pizza option (can be made only on advance order) GF 100


Fusion Main Course    
Full{y}filled Mashed Potato Pie
deeply comforting mashed potato, layered with bell peppers, carrots, tomato and topped with flavourful, grilled mushrooms and vegetables
350 H2
Almond Pesto Paella GF
brown rice, broccoli, mushroom, zucchini and tri coloured bell peppers in almond pesto sauce dressed with extra virgin olive oil
350 H2
Mushroom Stroganoff
mushroom, broccoli and green bell pepper in a chef’s special, rosemary and thyme infused, creamy brown sauce served with brown rice
350 H2
Aubergine Mushroom Platter
layers of grilled brinjal slices and creamy vegetables, baked together and topped with a herbed cashew sauce, served with steamed vegetables and white rice
380 H2
Carrots Special Healthy Plate GF
brown rice served with fruits, fresh salad, steamed vegetables, grilled tofu and four kinds of dips – hummus, cashew mayonnaise, herbed cheese and barbecue sauce
400 H1
Seared Watermelon Tofu Platter GF
Signature dish of pan grilled tofu and watermelon, drizzled with a house special date syrup reduction, served with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables
400 H2
Millet Burrito
whole wheat burritos stuffed with foxtail millet, mushroom, spinach, bell peppers, carrot and sweet corn, drizzled with brown sauce and ketchup, served with a carrot beetroot salad
350 H2
Carrots Healthy Plate GF
millet served with steamed vegetables, fresh salad and three kinds of dips – hummus, herbed cheese and barbecue sauce
350 H1


Indian Curries    
Tofu Lawabdar GF

tofu cubes simmered in a spicy, flavourful tomato cashew gravy

300 H2
Malai Kofta

cashew and raisin stuffed, fried potato dumplings in a rich gravy

280 H3
Veg Do Pyaza GF

vegetables in a house special creamy cashew tomato gravy

260 H2
Channa Masala GF

cooked chickpeas simmered in flavourful cashew tomato gravy

260 H2
Palak Tofu GF 

tofu cubes in a creamy spinach cashew gravy

260 H2


Khichidi GF

brown rice or millet, dal, chickpeas and vegetables cooked together with Indian spices, served with raita

230 H2
Curd Rice GF

soy curds mixed with brown rice or white rice or millet with finely chopped carrots, onions, coriander and seasoning

200 H1
Fried Rice GF

finely chopped vegetables and white rice or brown rice, stir fried and flavoured with Asian spices and soy sauce

150 H3
Sprouts Pulao GF

fresh sprouts and white rice or brown rice, stir fried and flavoured with Indian masalas, served with raita

230 H2
Jeera Rice GF

stir fried white rice flavoured with cumin, pepper & spring onions

120 H2
Steamed Brown Rice or White Rice or Millet GF 100 H1


Aloo Paratha

whole wheat chapathi dough, stuffed with a potato filling, rolled out and pan roasted, served with pickle and raitha

120 H2
Masala Chapathi

whole wheat chapathi with spices mixed into the dough

30 H1 
Whole Wheat Chapathi  20 H1 
Raw Food
can be made only on advance order
Watermelon Mint Gazpacho GF 180 H1
Tomato Basil Gazpacho GF 180 H1
Hummus with Veggie Sticks GF 200 H1
Cucumbers stuffed with Pineapple Salsa GF 250 H1
Fettuccine in Creamy Sauce GF 350 H1
Fettuccine in Marinara Sauce GF 350 H1
Basundi GF 200 H1
Fresh Fruit Salad in Pineapple Cream Custard GF 250 H1


Gulab Jamun 60 H3
Jowar Coconut Jaggery or Sugar Cookies GF  20 H1
Multi-grain Jaggery Muffins 50 H2
Chocolate Brownie
with chocolate sauce and roasted almonds
100 H2

our signature, creamy, coffee flavoured dessert

220 H3
Black Forest Pastry 200 H3
Obsessive Chocolative Disorder

chocolate brownie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and roasted almonds

200 H2
Coconut Milk Pannacotta GF 

ask us about the current seasonal fruit flavour

120 H2
Seasonal Fruit Ice Cream GF 

ask about the available flavours

80 H3
Sugar Free Chocolate Ice Cream GF

made with just three wholesome, ingredients – house made coconut cream, dates and cocoa powder 

90 H1
Tiramisu Ice Cream GF 

coffee flavoured ice cream with chocolate sauce and crumbled cookies

120 H3 
Banana Split

an amazingly indulgent dessert of banana, your choice of three scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts and cherries

300  H3 
Mini Ice Cream Platter 

pick any ten mini scoops of ice creams

360 H3


Soy Buttermilk 60  
Jal Jeera 60  
Imli Panna  60  
Lemon Juice (Sweet/Salt/Ginger/Mint)  60  
Lemon Soda  70  
Special Juices

(100% pure, no added sweetener or water)

Seasonal Fruit or Vegetable Juice – Options: Orange, Watermelon, Carrot, Beetroot, Cucumber 150 H1 
Detox Juice – cucumber, mint, coriander, lemon, salt 150 H1
Health Insurance Juice – cucumber, pineapple, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, parsley, celery 180 H1 
Muscle Relaxer Juice – watermelon, apple cider vinegar, orange, basil, mint 180 H1 
Glowing Skin Juice – beetroot, carrot, watermelon 180 H1
Fruit Fusion Juice – watermelon, pineapple, orange 180 H1
Very Veggie Juice – celery, carrot, beetroot, ginger 180 H1 
Crimson Punch – watermelon, orange, lemon, ginger juice with mint, basil, salt 180 H1
Peanut Butter Banana Shake

peanut milk, banana, jaggery

150 H1 
Sinful Bourbon Blast Shake 

soymilk, bourbon biscuits, whipped cream, cocoa, sugar

180 H3 
Coffee Cha-Cha

coconut milk, coffee, sugar

180 H2 
Almond Dream

almond milk, pineapple, papaya, sugar

180 H2 
Java Chocolate Fusion

cashew milk, coffee, melted dark chocolate, sugar

200 H2
Energy Booster

dates, sesame seeds, cashew, soy milk

220 H1
Ruby Smoothie – vegan curds, banana, beetroot, sesame seeds, jaggery 160 H1 
Sunset Smoothie – vegan curds, papaya, pineapple, jaggery 160 H1 
Vegetable Smoothie – vegan curds, broccoli, spinach, parsley, salt 180 H1
Sweet Green Smoothie – vegan curds, spinach, banana, jaggery 180 H1 
Pineapple Basil Smoothie – vegan curds, pineapple, basil, dates 200 H1
Papaya Spinach Smoothie – vegan curds, papaya, spinach, celery, ginger, date syrup 200 H1 
Carrots Oats Smoothie – vegan curds, oats, banana, soymilk, carrot, dates, cashew 220 H1 


Hot Coffee and Tea    
Black Tea – with options of ginger, lemon, mint 80 H1 
Masala Chai – made with soymilk 100 H1 
Café Latté 150 H2 
Mocha Latté – coffee with melted chocolate and coconut or soymilk 180 H2 
Hot Chocolate – melted dark chocolate in soy milk or coconut milk or cashew milk 200 H2 
Top any of the above with Whipped Cream 30 H3 
Herbal Teas
Cinnamon Orange
Ginger Lemon
Mint Lemon
100 H1