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Each and every time we had volunteers at Carrots, our days were extra special, and our customers also received this unique program very well. However, considering various practical aspects, we are putting this on hold for now. We hope to re-initiate it sometime soon, in much better way.

General Introduction

Carrots is a unique social enterprise which is beyond just an eating place. In several ways we put principles ahead of money and we try to create a win-win situation for both society and us. We host various events related to health & sustainability, and highlight importance of a balanced, wholesome plant based diet. We also actively promote organic, fair trade & cruelty free lifestyle.

Need of volunteers at Carrots

Considering our social entrepreneurship model & various challenges associated with our specialty business, equally spirited response & support from the society is much needed to sustain such working model.

Burden of Market Creation

One of our critical challenges is to create market & also cater to it simultaneously. Awareness creation & spreading is significant activity for us, and this requires huge amount of time/effort/money. But ROI is not immediate & direct for us. Also, society in general is also one of the biggest beneficiaries of such “market creating” efforts. Hence, the whole exercise can be viewed as a positive, non-profit work and active support back from society or volunteers is needed to sustain this concept.

Need of special people

We need smart, knowledgeable & most importantly conscious people to work with us who can understand the depth of principles/philosophies that we try to uphold at Carrots. Getting such people as employees is extremely difficult due to different reasons.

Unpredictable workload

Our people requirement keeps varying and to employ a huge number of staff to meet peak demand is unsustainable. Some of the examples that causes variations are as below:

  • Increased number of customers only during weekend
  • Ad-hoc catering requests from outside
  • Ad-hoc events or parties inside
  • Putting up stalls (with or without food) outside
  • Ad-hoc business proposals that need research/travel/discussions/presentations
  • Ad-hoc marketing exercises in the wake of special external events

Volunteering opportunities

Smart helping hands for day to day operations

To ensure that customers get very good service & quality food, we could use extra helping hands. At Carrots, customers look for unique experience and are many times keen to learn more about our healthy food, alternate lifestyle products etc. And all this demands smart people who can spend quality time with customers. The volunteers are also expected to help us in mundane tasks, being flexible and wearing various hats as situation demands.

The requirement of people is particularly more during weekends and holidays, when people from far plan and visit Carrots to take away special experience. But even during weekdays we can use help from volunteers.

Sevaks for Seva Café

Seva Café is a unique concept that is thoroughly enjoyed by both volunteers and customers. The concept is not new to Bangalore, you can read more about it in the following link:



There are numerous people who strongly feel that this movement should be started in other parts of Bangalore also; and many people feel Carrots is one of the good venues. If we get volunteers who can help in planning, organizing and executing Seva Café at Carrots, we can start this positive journey once a month to begin with and maybe hold it once every week or more also.

Event Champions

The more events we have within Carrots or under Carrots brand name, the better visibility we will get. But more importantly, the kind of events/themes that we are envisioning are very positive and have potential to make a difference. We welcome volunteers who can make this happen.

Event themes can be serious topics surrounding health, environment & animals, or can be related to art/culture or even general fun/cool stuff, as long as it goes well and does not offend our concept. Some of the events that we can think of are:

  • In the area of health, environment or animals – Screening of documentaries, Talks by motivational speakers, Competitions & panel/group discussions etc.
  • Arts/Crafts show/sale
  • Healthy Cooking Demos/Workshops (within as well as outside Carrots)
  • Self help groups for people with various special health conditions or diseases
  • Cleanup activity in surrounding area (similar to TUI activity)
  • Cycling/Running events/competitions
  • Health Awareness Press Releases

General volunteers

Apart from day to day operations and specific events, there are several things where we can utilize help from volunteers, within & outside the restaurant. If you think your area of expertise & experience matches with our needs, and if you wish to volunteer, you are welcome. For example:

  • Improving ‘green index’ within Carrots (better waste management, water/electricity utilization etc.)
  • Doing product research to improve our store
  • Website, app creation/maintenance or any other technical work
  • Design, art or any creative work, either by hand or using computer
  • Brochure/Flyer/Coupon designing, printing, distribution

Before volunteering

Kindly take this survey before you consider volunteering at Carrots. This will help both of us in several ways. In the next page you will see various opportunities for interested volunteers.


Takeaways for volunteers

We value your help and we would like you also to gain in the process. Here are few things that we can humbly propose.

First, for each full day of volunteering (afternoon session + evening session) within Carrots, you can choose from one of the following; for any other special events or for the volunteer work that you do from home, we will decide the criteria & credits on case by case basis.

  1. Donate Rs.200/- to a non-profit organization or cause of your choice through Carrots (you can choose from a list that we maintain, go to end of the page to see current list).
  2. Get Carrots Gift Certificate or credits worth Rs.500/- so that you can come back some other time and enjoy healthy-tasty-vegan food at Carrots.
  3. Gift Rs.500/- worth of food from Carrots to underprivileged people/children.
  4. Get Rs.500/- discount on cooking classes by Carrots (discount on single event cannot exceed 30% of the participation fee)

Elaboration on point 3 above: This will be done after sufficient number of ‘volunteer days’ have been accumulated. For example: lets say there is an orphanage that has 25 kids that we are aiming to serve. Once the ‘contribution’ from 10 volunteers have been accumulated which is worth Rs.5,000/- Carrots team will arrange a special lunch or dinner for those kids and food will be worth Rs.200/- per child.

That’s not it, there are more takeaways for you.

  1. You can take back rich & unique restaurant experience which can help you in various ways, especially if you want to start a non-profit initiative or even a business anytime in future. (If you are coming with such motive, we would appreciate if you let us know about it openly).
  2. Free Healthy & Tasty Food (for own consumption only) while you work within Carrots. Volunteers are expected to utilize this in a fair & judicious manner.
  3. Reasonable reimbursement of food expenses while volunteering for us outside the restaurant premises.
  4. A flat Rs.100/- as traveling expenses.

List of non-profit organizations that you can choose from for donation:





Note: If you know some non-profit organization that we have missed out and that operates with philosophy close to ours, kindly let us know and we will add to this list.

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