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Carrots Restaurant
Carrots Restaurant
Good news everyone! Our Pesto Veg Pizza is now available for home delivery. 😃

Our deliveries from the bakery and essential vegan products section have been going smoothly via Dunzo. So we decided to start doing pizza too.

Due to various restrictions, we aren’t able to make our other pizzas. But the Pesto Veg one is very much possible.

We’ll be making it on advance order. Both GF and whole wheat versions can be made.

Connect via WhatsApp or Telegram +91 9632041340 to place your orders. And don’t forget to check what’s available on our bakery and essential vegan products menu too. 😊
Carrots Restaurant
Carrots Restaurant
“What is the secret of a good vegan kitchen?

The team! Build a strong team with love and care. Train them well and treat them like the precious assets that they are. A joyful atmosphere leads to sublime food and service. And a team that cares about the concept shows great creativity and initiative. Also care about the health of the guests. Use clean, fresh ingredients. Make as much as possible from scratch. Knowing exactly what goes into each dish really helps.”

Read the complete interview in the link below...

Carrots Restaurant
Carrots Restaurant
We’re now operating our bakery and essential vegan products section with a limited menu for home delivery only (between the hours of 12 noon to 9 pm). 🍩🍪🍰🧁🍨🎂🥛🥖

The regular kitchen section won’t be running (sorry, your favourites like pizza or pesto grilled tofu will not be available yet 😔), but you can order our curds, mylks, breads, cookies, cakes, donuts, ice creams and snacks.

We’ll be making everything on order only, so please place your orders *at least* a day in advance.

Availability of items may change. Connect with our ground team via WhatsApp or Telegram on +91 9632041340 to check what’s available and place your order.

We are completely dependent on Dunzo for our deliveries. So please check if Dunzo will be delivering to your address from Carrots before you place your order.

We care about our team’s health and safety as much as we care about yours. Strict hygiene standards are being maintained.

Our team will not to go out or allow anyone from outside to enter our premises. All pickups are happening outside the building’s gate, with a simple and effective no contact system in place.

We’re working with a limited number of staff members, so your cooperation and support while coordinating with them will be truly appreciated. ♥️🙏🏽😊
Carrots Restaurant
Carrots Restaurant
We are officially on hiatus (at least until 31st March, maybe longer).

Until yesterday we were managing to run our operations using Dunzo’s delivery services. But unfortunately from today, @dunzo_it has been forced to drastically cut down their delivery radius due to the lockdown.

Also, there is a very strict rule in place that we cannot allow any guest to pick things up personally from the restaurant. So please don’t request us for this. Sorry. 😢

Due to all these reasons, it won’t be feasible for us to keep running the kitchen and bakery. So we’re on holiday.

Thank you for supporting us through the past few weeks. It’s meant a lot to us and will help us get through the lockdown with confidence. 🙏🏽♥️

Watch this space for further updates on when our kitchen will be opening again.
Carrots Restaurant
Carrots Restaurant
Getting set for the Janata Curfew this Sunday? If you’re anything like us, you go on a snacking binge whenever you’re sitting at home all day. 😄😛

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of delicious, healthy (and comparatively healthy) cookies, biscuits, snacks, cakes, mylks, dips, kefir and other specialty vegan products.

Place your orders today via WhatsApp or Telegram 9632041340 and we’ll get your goodies dunzo-ed to you (either today or tomorrow depending on your order).

If you’re more comfortable speaking on the phone, call 080 41172812.

Binge Healthy on Food That Loves You Back! 😃
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